Rules & Info


Rules and Information:

1. Theme: Unicorn(s)

2. Submit a photo of your Unicorn artwork/creation. Your Unicorn art can be something that you created a year ago or yesterday. 

3. Your Unicorn submission can be hand painted, airbrushed, spray painted, sculpted, or whatever.

4. Submit one (1) image file entry. You're free to add multiple angle photos of your Unicorn art in that single entry image file. If more  than one entry image is sent, we will just pick our favorite. 

5. Your entry should be rated PG. Keep it clean, keep it clean!

6. Your entry should be your work. Please don't submit artwork that you found on the internet (i.e Pinterest / google etc...

7. Promote your website(s) in your image file. People want to know  where they can find you, so be sure to include your  website/Facebook/Instagram in your entry image.

8. The contest will be voted on by Unicorns, and take the public's opinion into account so be sure to promote on your social media sites.

9. There will be two Age groups( 1 winner in each group):  Child (3-12) & Adult (13 and up). Yes we know a 30 something could crush it but you never know...try!

10. Have fun!


Voting begins on March 1st. - Winners Announced at MYCON - March 7th, 2020.. good luck!

Submit your artwork-

with contact info:





if you are under 18, please add you parents name to your submission email.